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The Botanical Bazaar – Gold Coast’s Garden & Sustainability Festival is a community event held on the first weekend in August Every Year At Country Paradise Parklands, Nerang. The Rotary Club of Gold Coast stages the event not only to raise funds for its work in the community but also because it promotes healthy and sustainable living and supports small local businesses and entertainers.

100 green inspired exhibitors, industry experts, garden walks & talks, workshops & demonstrations, botanical art, community groups and of course plants galore! Explore varied plant nurseries and landscape designers, shop for garden materials and tools, organic beauty products and botanical homewares. From composting to keeping chickens, creating habitat gardens to beekeeping, bushfood to food preservation and survival skills. Learn how to live off the grid and many other sustainable living concepts.


Discover the captivating Main Speaking area, The Barn, at the Botanical Bazaar—an enchanting haven where horticultural dreams come alive! Prepare to be spellbound by engaging talks, practical tips, and inspiring stories that will empower you to transform your own green space. From gardening novices to seasoned enthusiasts, The Barn at the Botanical Bazaar is a must-visit sanctuary, igniting your love for nature and fostering a vibrant community of plant lovers.


Did you know if a Dragonfly lands on you, it’s considered good luck? Did you know the Dragonfly can fly backwards…and has almost 360° vision?…and that they can consume over 100 mosquitos in a day?

The Dragonfly insect is the symbol of the festival this year and ART AT THE BAZAAR is in progress! View all the entries in the Green House and vote for the People’s Choice Award.

Plants and other goods inside a shop
Artists singing on the stage

Relax around The Musical Tree

Enjoy live music and entertainment. On Saturday local Gold Coast family band ObiSun will be layin’ down their roots and all on the Main Stage – ObiSun, Mel & Damion meld and groove…ska, reggae, jungle, tribal & Brazilian rhythms, all with some damn fine uplifting dance bangers. Sunday Mr Brown & his Vintage Vibration will be performing playing his 100 year old Gramophone, spinning vintage vinyl and reciting Blues, and telling  many stories and reciting poetry . There will also be buskers, stilt walkers and street entertainers.


This speaking area provides an informal setting for the audience to ask the speaker questions about the topics that they are subject matter experts in. Our speakers will provide practical demonstrations and education on gardening and sustainable living topics. This will be the PERFECT time to ask your gardening and sustainable living questions to our experts, many of whom will also be exhibiting and available for more detailed discussions.

Green lush plants


Looking for that perfect plant to increase air quality in your home? Or one that simply makes you happy when you sit out on the back deck? One that produces food to nourish…and attracts wildlife into your garden? Whatever your desire…you’re sure to acquire…at the Botanical Bazaar festival! Buy quality plants direct from nurseries not normally open to the public. You’ll find many passionate, small scale, specialised plant people! Botanical Bazaar is really ‘Plant Paradise’ and a garden lover’s dream! Also available:
• Heritage and Organic seeds
• Soil conditioners, fertilisers and garden nutrients
• Pruning and gardening tools
…and you can sharpen your favourite gardening tools!


Enjoy a guided educational tour of the wonderful Nerang Community Gardens with a celebrity speaker such as Sophie Thomson or horticulturalist Gavin Bullock. Explore the world of Ediblescapes with Morag Gamble to discover the magic of biointensive growing and ecological forest gardens to create an agro-ecological permagarden.

Join John Palmer to identify native and exotic edibles from around the world and learn the ‘eight tastes’ celebrated by chefs ~ sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, salty, savoury, even slimy …& avoid the toxic!  In this rewilding experience, you’ll traverse the landscapes around us, and into the urban food garden of Ediblescapes. You’ll harvest, prepare, present and taste, a little green burger and medicinal herbal tea…in a sharing circle, on conclusion of the walk.

Plants inside a shop


Botanical Bazaar is proud to support our local artists and artisans. showcasing garden walls, hanging pots, paintings, garden and floral art, outdoor living, botanical jewellery. Artists and artisans who exhibit are quality green inspired businesses or hobbyists who offer diversity, uniqueness and creativity in products and services. Looking for something different or that unique gift then you are sure to find something in the displays of our artisans.


This speaking and exhibition area explores the interaction of wildlife with our environment – Wildlife & Conservation around the Gold Coast, Wildlife in our Gardens, Wildlife in the Bush, Wildlife in the Ocean, even Wildlife in our Homes …. Learn about Butterflies and their associated plants, Bees and their associated plants, Insects and their associated plants, conservation of habitats for Mammals, Reptiles, Birds etc, feral animal management programs. Conservation Corner is an unmissable destination for those seeking sustainable living solutions and a deeper connection with the natural world.


The Kids Hub offers family entertainment with a bunch of nature-inspired arts and crafts. Ozharvest will be there with kids’ craft activities to inspire healthy eating, kitchen confidence and encouraging kids to become change makers in their own communities.

Look out for nature yoga, mindfulness and craft activities with Wild Flow Kids, pony rides and face painting.

The wonderful children’s adventure playground will also be open to for parent-supervised use by children.